Hello, my name is Lily Marie Amaru and I'm an addict. I've been addicted to needles since I was ten years old; I'm hopelessly hooked. I'm also hooked on thread, fabric, travel and, most of all, the wonderful friends I have made while practicing my addiction. Hey, what's wrong with that? It's legal, it's fun, it's productive, and it's relaxing.

When I "turned pro" nearly thirty years ago my first class involved sewing lingerie. I was so scared my voice would only come out in a high squeak. Since I knew my students wouldn't put up with that "fingernails on the blackboard" voice, I practiced until, thankfully, I could enunciate clearly and project melodious dulcet tones. " What did she say?" "Beats me!"

Garments were always my focus until 2002 when I inexplicably turned my attention to quilting. A new addiction replaced the old and here I am, off and running with an entirely new and exciting way of putting pieces of cloth together.

As addictions go, I needed more to keep me going, so in 2002 I developed The Wave Edge™ Ruler. This innovative method of cutting and piecing curves has been eagerly accepted amongst the quilting world and has made lots of positive waves along the way. That took me right into the title of my colorful book on quilting entitled, Let's Make Waves. It's colorful and beautifully printed; revealing tons of methods and techniques to help you become the artist you always deserved to be.

Okay, here comes the Lily Marie commercial (don't touch that dial!): I owned a successful sewing shop in central California for eighteen years. I have five years experience working for a major sewing machine company.

My pieced garments have been accepted by the Hoffman Challenge as part of their yearly traveling exhibitions.

Over the years a number of my articles on garment sewing and techniques were published in Treadle Art and Martha Pullen's Sew Beautiful. My work is currently showcased in Magic Patch, a new publication which is produced in France, and distributed throughout the entire world. A couple of years ago I filmed a segment for Kaye Wood's Kaye's Quilting Friends. In August 2003, I was featured guest on HGTV's Simply Quilts. The program has aired several times.

After spending many years sewing and teaching garment and machine stitchery, I now travel and teach The Wave Edge™ Ruler and SimpleCircles™ Ruler methods throughout the quilting community.

I have broken many of the traditional quilting rules because I didn't know them. Sew isn't that ok? I invite you to become a rule breaker and an addict and you will have the sewing time of your life.